Don’t buy from Cotopaxi

This is a bit off topic for me usually and I’ve been absent with recent tech related posts but I recently had a horrible experience with an online clothing retailer and wanted to warn others.

If you buy an item from cotopaxi don’t expect to get your money back or be made whole again if the item you get is of poor quality construction. They sell overpriced products that are cheaply made. I’m not sure all their products are bad but their down jackets are not great. More specifically the jacket I purchased is a Fuego Down Jacket with a hood.

The item I received has been shedding feathers since day one. Not a day goes by that I wear it I don’t find feathers poking from it. Their official response is “This is normal don’t worry it happens to all down jackets”. My Fjallraven Greenland down jacket would like to have a word good sir. I have not found a single feather outside of this jacket. I’m sorry they must have meant all cheap down jackets do this.

The zipper somehow manages to be both a YKK zipper AND suck all at the same time, I’m not quite sure how they managed to accomplish this feat.

I have requested to return the jacket and get a refund and they refuse. I do not want a store credit gift card. I am done with your crappy products.

So if you do buy something make sure you do it with a credit card so you can dispute the transaction or file a claim if you have purchase protection.

Lesson learned. Fuck cotopaxi

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