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Setting up a new Linode with Nginx + PHP7-FPM and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from start to finish

Download article as PDF Setting up your Linode If you are not familiar with Linode, they are a provider of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) which is basically a semi-private version of shared hosting. You generally don’t have to share the

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Setting up SSL with Nginx and SSLMate

Download article as PDF I recently discovered a pretty amazing SSL service called SSLMate that is designed for developers and simplicity of use. Because of how simple they make things, this post will be extremely short. In fact, you could

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Installing & Configuring PhalconPHP

Download article as PDF Phalcon PHP is a very impressive PHP MVC Framework that I’ve started to play around with. What differentiates it from the rest of the pack is the fact that it runs in memory on your server

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Configuring PHP5-FPM Pools with Suhosin / Custom php.ini Settings

Download article as PDF If you have followed my server setup guide you should already have php5-fpm installed using some pretty basic settings. Pools are very powerful and you can do a lot more with them if you choose. You

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ExtJS 5.0 – Using a custom component in a grid column

Download article as PDF You may or may not be familiar with ExtJS 5.0’s action column functionality. It basically lets you put a number of static images in a column with click handlers for performing certain tasks. Unfortunately their implementation

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ExtJS 5.0 – Router Tweaks

Download article as PDF One of the coolest and most useful new tools included with ExtJS 5.0 is the app routing system. This is basically just some convenience methods around the already existing Ext.History module. In summmary it allows you

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ExtJS 5.0 – app.getController() fixes

Download article as PDF Right out of the box I’ve noticed that the getController() method on the viagra in griechenland.Application object instances does not function correctly when accessing it from the global app property configuration. I am not sure

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Automatic MySQL Backups

Download article as PDF This feature goes perfectly with my previous article on Google Drive Syncing. If you pair it with these automatic backups you can have your mysql backups automatically sync to your google drive account. I recommend checking

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Google Drive syncing on Ubuntu

Download article as PDF Google Drive is a perfect choice for performing web server backups. There’s no official linux client as far as I can make out but fortunately for us there is an open source implementation called “Grive” that

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Setting up SSL with Nginx & StartSSL (FREE!)

Download article as PDF In the past I’ve used PositiveSSL to enable SSL on my domains, you can find my old article at my other blog if you for some reason still want to use PositiveSSL. I purchased my PositiveSSL

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