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Don’t buy from Cotopaxi

Download article as PDF This is a bit off topic for me usually and I’ve been absent with recent tech related posts but I recently had a horrible experience with an online clothing retailer and wanted to warn others. If

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Setting up a new Linode with Nginx + PHP7-FPM and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from start to finish

Download article as PDF Setting up your Linode If you are not familiar with Linode, they are a provider of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) which is basically a semi-private version of shared hosting. You generally don’t have to share the

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Setting up SSL with Nginx and SSLMate

Download article as PDF I recently discovered a pretty amazing SSL service called SSLMate that is designed for developers and simplicity of use. Because of how simple they make things, this post will be extremely short. In fact, you could

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